Dark Side of the Moon

A Tribute to Pink Floyd

Run Like Hell are set to wow audiences by meticulously recreating the entire Dark Side of the Moon album from beginning to end, before returning to deliver an encore of essential favourites and classics. Visceral animations, lighting, sax and backing vocalists – a Floydian experience not to be missed!

Dark Side of the Moon
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Saturday, 25 May 2024
Full Price $69.80 Concession $64.80 Child under 16 years $39.80 Family (2ad+2ch) $209.20 Members $64.80
This performance contains theatrical haze/smoke and strobe lighting effects.
Phone: 02 6043 5610


  • Assistive Hearing
  • Companion Card
  • Mobility Access

"Dark Side of the Moon. A timeless classic, exploring the passage of time and our inability to control it. Money, greed, conflict, depression, the feeling of isolation from reality. Death. The 4th highest selling album of all time is all about you, me, us and them.

Seven-piece Run Like Hell pay tribute to this masterpiece, meticulously recreating it from start to finish. They take you on a journey back in time to when you first heard it: marvelling at the sonic experimentation, visceral feelings evoked by the lyrics, comforted by the lush melodies and exceptional production. Lovingly holding the iconic album cover in your hands.

After leaving you spellbound, Run Like Hell return to the stage with an encore of essential classics such as “Echoes”, “Comfortably Numb”, and “Another Brick in the Wall”.

Complete with visceral animations, lighting, sassy sax and exceptional backing vocals, Run Like Hell are a Floydian experience not to be missed."

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