Ross Noble - Humournoid

When: Saturday 12 September, 8.00pm

Where: Theatre

Price: Adult $49.90, Concession $46.90, Group 10+ $46.90pp

Currently Off Sale

PLEASE NOTE: The Ross Noble performance scheduled for Tuesday 17th March has been postponed until 12 September. We are currently in the process of contacting all customers that had booked for the original date. 

Thank you for your patience.

What happens when pure comedy takes human form?

What happens when a creature is created and bred to do stand up? Nobody knows because that isn’t a thing. What is a thing is Ross Noble doing a show. You can come and see. This is it.

‘Brilliantly inventive, quirky stand-up …see him and marvel’ - The Sun

‘Every night is different and every night is a total joy’ - Time Out

‘The great improviser’ - The Guardian