Day Catering Menu

*Prices valid to 30 June 2016


Sandwich bar

Gourmet breads with a variety of delicious deli meats, crisp salads and flavoursome accompaniments

Point Sandwiches

  • 4 points - $6.80 per person
  • 2 points - $3.60 per person


  • 1 whole - $8.45 per person
  • Half - $4.55 per person

Salad bar

Add a fresh, healthy and delicious salad to your lunch.

One salad option - $4.75 per person
Two salad options - $8.35 per person
Three salad options - $11.20 per person

  • Italian salad
  • Caesar salad 
  • Pasta Salad 
  • Thai beef salad 
  • Green bean salad
  • Nicoise salad

Hot bites bar

$6.90 each

  • Flathead fillets with pont-neuf potatoes
  • Smoked lamb cutlets with salsa verde
  • Lamb ragout with creamed potato
  • Vietnamese chicken and vermicelli noodle salad 
  • Potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream

Murray Package

$19.00 per person 

A whole baguette from the sandwich bar plus choose one item each from the salad bar and hot bite bar options above.

Boxed lunches

Convenient, packaged one stop lunch option for events with 20 or more delegates.

Option 1: $25.60 per person

Choose one item each from the sandwich, salad, dessert and drink selections. Also includes one piece of market fresh whole fruit.

Option 2: $18.45 per person

Choose one item from either the sandwich selection OR the salad selection AND one item each from the dessert and drink selections. Also includes one piece of market fresh whole fruit.

Sandwich Selections

  • Turkey, goats cheese and cranberry on turkish bread
  • Roast chicken and avocado on pumpkin bread 
  • Char grilled vegetables with tomato relish on wholegrain roll
  • Roasted seeded mustard beef with gherkins and mayo on sourdough roll 
  • Tandoori chicken with cucumber raita in a tortilla wrap
  • Double smoked ham, cheddar cheese and roma tomato on multigrain 

Salad Selections

  • Traditional caesar salad
  • Thai chicken salad
  • Smoked salmon, brie and cucumber salad
  • Rocket, cherry tomato, Spanish onion and Parmesan salad 

Dessert Selections

  • Berry muffins
  • Baked vanilla cheesecake
  • Berry and citrus tartlets
  • Fruit bar (99% fat free)
  • Citrus & berry tartlets 

Drink Selections

  • Orange Juice
  • Soft drink
  • Bottled water

Buffet options

Working lunch buffets

These healthy and wholesome lunches are served from a station, providing easy access during a lunchtime break, ensuring all delegates are satisfied and making turnarounds easy for organisers.

Kiewa Cold Buffet

$35.95 per person

  • Chermoula lamb salad 
  • Tandoori chicken wraps with raita 
  • Chat potato and pancetta salad 
  • Green bean, semi dried tomato and Spanish onion salad with chive dressing
  • Fresh fruit platters 
  • Selection of sweet treats 
  • A range of breads and rolls 
  • Freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas 
  • Orange juice

Olive Buffet

$38.00 per person

Choose four from the hot and cold options below:

Cold Items
  • Thai beef salad with cucumber, tomato, served on Singapore noodles
  • Nicoise salad served with local smoked trout 
  • Chicken breast on rocket with prosciutto and grissini sticks
  • Ploughman's lunch of homemade pate, Milawa cheese, pickles and sourdough bread
Hot items
  • Pumpkin gnocchi with garden peas, wild mushrooms, olive oil and shaved parmesan cheese
  • Traditional Hungarian style beef goulash with noodles 
  • Thai style chicken curry with jasmine rice
  • Lamb Rogan Josh & fragrant rice 
  • Beef lasagne with Italian salad
Also Includes
  • Fresh seasonal whole fruit 
  • Selection of sweet treats 
  • Assorted breads & rolls
  • Freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas 
  • Assorted bottled juices

To the Table Lunch Buffets

The following options are designed to share and are served to the centre of the table, encouraging interaction and networking amongst guests. 

Borella Buffet

$45.95 per person 

Cold Platters
  • Champagne leg ham 
  • Smoked chicken 
  • Antipasto
  • Oven roasted vegetable salad
  • Potato and borlotti bean salad 
  • Chat potatoes with seeded mustard and crispy bacon
  • Greek Salad 
Hot Selection
  • Roasted sirloin beef with red wine sauce 
  • Tortellini carbonara with garlic bread
  • Thyme crusted chicken breasts 
  • Dessert
  • Milawa cheese platters 
  • Assorted petit fours
Also includes
  • A range of breads and rolls 
  • Freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas 
  • Jugs of orange juice and iced water

Dean Buffet

$52.20 per person

Hot Selection
  • Roast high country pork served au jus
  • Moroccan chicken with caramelised onion and sweet pickled pepper
  • Seared salmon with asparagus spears and tomato balsamic butter sauce
  • Roasted chat potatoes
Cold Selection
  • Chermoula lamb with a creamy garlic and chive dressing
  • Blackened barramundi with coriander, cous cous and cashews
  • White bean, semi dried tomato, grilled chorizo and parsley salad
  • Rocket, pumpkin and sheep's milk feta salad
Also Includes
  • Fresh seasonal sliced and whole fruit platters
  • Selection of sweet treats
  • Assorted bread rolls
  • Freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas
  • Jugs of orange juice and iced water

Beaut Burgers

Burger House

$21.30 per person

Make it just the way you like it and build your own burger. Available for events with 20 - 200 guests only.

  • Homemade beef patties 
  • Grilled marinated chicken
  • Grilled onion 
  • Accompaniments: Lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, cheese, pineapple, beetroot
  • Condiments include tomato relish, seeded mustard, caesar dressing
  • Variety of rolls
  • French fries
  • Tossed garden salad
  • Selection of seasonal whole fresh fruit
  • Freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas

Beverage Options

Beverage Bar

  • Continuous tea and coffee by the pot - $30.90 per pot
  • Bottled orange juice - $3.00 per person
  • Bottled water - $3.10 per person
  • Water coolers - $30.80 each (p/day)
  • Water cooler bottles - $15.40 per bottle

Platter Selections


  • Fruit Platter - $4.85 per person
    A selection of sliced fresh seasonal fruit
  • Whole Fruit - $2.25 per person
    Baskets of whole fresh seasonal fruit
  • Nori Roll Platter - $5.80 per person
    Selection of gourmet fillings wrapped in sushi rice & seaweed with soy, wasabi & pickled ginger
  • Crudités Platter - $6.10 per person
    A variety of freshly prepared dips served with crunchy seasonal vegetables & corn chips
  • Sandwich Platter - $6.80 per person
    A selection of gourmet fillings served on sourdough bread
  • Antipasto Platter - $6.80 per person
    Includes sundried tomatoes, olives, marinated mushrooms, gherkins, and roasted peppers
  • Cheese and Fruit Platter - $7.30 per person
    An assortment of cheeses, dried and fresh fruit, along with various biscuits

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