What's the attraction of a Tribute Show?

Here's some fun facts and interesting tidbits about Tribute Shows, and an inside peak into the Tribute shows performing at the Entertainment Centre this year. Check it out!

According to the dictionary, tribute shows are “a group that plays the songs of a band they admire, often dressing in the style of the original band members.” Three of our coming shows feature tributes, and all promise to be well attended. So what’s the secret to success with musicians and performers copying what’s been done already?

Nostalgia is probably one of the biggest factors. Everyone has that song which takes them back to being seventeen and kissing under a tree, or driving their first car, or even dancing at their wedding. Nostalgia is a powerful pull that provides an overall experience, not just a memory. You can feel, taste, and smell what it was like simply from hearing a song. Nostalgia is a “sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.”

Another reason tribute shows fare so well is because they already have a well-established and often extensive fan base to tap into. There’s a reason so many of these tribute shows exist, and that’s because people are supporting them. They’re buying tickets and attending shows. And because of this support, the number of tribute shows and impersonators has skyrocketed. When Elvis Presley died in 1957, there were 170 impersonators using his name, music and image to entertain. Now, that number is at least 85,000 worldwide.

When it comes to tribute shows, it is always amazing to see the amount of respect and homage that goes into a performance. Artists pay such exquisite attention to detail in copying iconic bands and musicians, and it is a wonderful thing to behold.

Our first tribute show is performed by Darren Coggan, who has been touring with Peace Train – A Tribute to Cat Stevens for over six years now. The first performance took place to a sold-out concert hall at The Sydney Opera House in 2010, and the show has been touring successfully ever since. This celebration of 50 years of Cat Stevens is full of music and story-telling, recreating the sights and sounds and seeking out the man behind the songs.

In a similar vein, Rumour Has It is also heavily story based. Not only does Naomi Price belt out Adele’s much beloved songs, she also explores through story and song how the working class diva from Tottenham became a blockbuster soul sensation of the modern age. Promising to be an unforgettable experience and delightful show, Rumour Has It has all the upfront British wit and heart-stopping tunes that have made Adele the highest-selling recording artist of the 21st Century.

But when it comes to tribute shows, you don’t get much better than The Beatles. And who better to entertain us with music from one of the best bands the world has ever known than Beatlemania On Tour! Everyone loves The Beatles and have grown up with their music either firsthand or passed down from older generations. With a career spanning a decade and 12 albums released, there’s plenty of material for Beatlemania On Tour to choose from, and we can’t wait to see what Beatles classics they delight us with!

For more information on these shows and to book tickets, check out our ‘What’s On’ page or give us a call on 02 6043 5610.