Bernard Fanning and Kasey Chambers Sold Out!

The ever popular Bernard Fanning and Kasey Chambers sold out their Albury performance in just over a month - I hope you didn't miss out!  Have a look at the ways that you can keep up-to-date so you don't miss out on the next big concert.

It’s always fun to have a show sell out, but even better when that show goes off like a rocket ship. Bernard Fanning & Kasey Chambers had rapid ticket sales, due no doubt to the brilliance of tapping into two fan bases. This was evident by everyone asking to book tickets for “Bernard Fanning” or “Kasey Chambers”. With such strong support on both sides, it should be no surprise that this dream team sold 367 tickets in just the first day. By the fourth week of sales almost 700 tickets were booked, and when we ran out of tickets to sell, there was still four and a half weeks left until the performance.

If you’re kicking yourself because you missed out on tickets, never fear! There is always something happening at the Albury Entertainment Centre. To avoid missing out next time, you have several options to stay in touch. Our website is always up to date, and it only takes a few minutes to browse through What’s On. Or, if that’s too much bother, we can send you emails! Signing up is easy and only takes a few moments - there is a link to sign up on our homepage (just scroll to the bottom of the page). We’ll send you news about upcoming shows, so you always have plenty of time to book your tickets. And if you’re on Facebook don’t forget to follow us! We update Facebook daily, so if you’re addicted to it (like most of us) that can be your one-stop shop!

But signing up to event reminders is just the tip of the iceberg…have you heard about our membership program? There’s a single and a double membership available, at $30 and $55 respectively. Valid for 12 months from the time of purchase, the benefits include:

  • Free drink vouchers for season shows
  • Free ticket exchange if your plans change
  • No transaction fee (credit card surcharge applies)
  • 10% off all drink and snack purchases at the bar
  • Guests at members price (two if you have a double membership!)
  • Monthly e-news updates
  • Exclusive pre-sale offers on new performances
  • Access to ‘member’ pricing at The Cube Wodonga and Hothouse Theatre
  • 10% discount at shopMAMA
  • New season brochure posted to your address

How can you refuse such a tempting offer? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from becoming an Albury Entertainment Centre member, so give us a call, or browse our website and never ever miss out on a show again!